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EdConex International

Inspiring global community to take action and create change. Change lives, empower people and build meaningful connections as a contributor. From inspiring activists, activities, and a phenomenal group of people.

International Collaborative Action

EdConex International will bring together people from all corners of the globe, this is the perfect place to grow an international network and experience real cultural exchange. You will work toward and action plan that can be implemented in communities across the world and can really change peoples lives.

Hot! EdConex is working on a project namely Intl' Youth Forum on Innovation which will be held in Singapore from September 21 - 23rd this year ! Apply Now

An Exercise in Collaboration

Our vision is to build strong and resilient communities where each person can perform adequate skills and offer real contribution, as they are supported by living with a sense of life-changing moments and collaboration to build a better world.

International Youth Forum on Innovation Singapore

IYFI Singapore will be held on 21th - 23rd September 2017

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International Youth Forum on Innovation Hong Kong

IYFI Hong Kong will be held on 1st - 3rd December 2017


South Korea Essay Competition

Edconex "Millenial Generation" Essay Competition will be open from 25 May, 2017 until 15 July, 2017 (Indonesian only)

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Stay informed about new and upcoming campaigns

Our community love the comfort that comes with 24/7/365 of included support and rich-information shared. Our dedicated support forum makes support hassle-free and community better.

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Tackle the World's Most Pressing Issues

Within your groups, you will focus on tackling one of the 17 sustainable development goals. You will work toward and action plan that can be implemented within communities across the globe and truly change peoples lives.

Supported by over 20 companiesand over 50 organization