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Bali Global MUN Accommodation

Bali Global MUN 2019 sticking to its commitment to provide each participant with world-class facilities, work together with the finest accommodations in Bali. Relish the exotic ambiance of the island and be a part of the world’s changes.

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Best Accomodations in Bali

Various Accomodations based on your budget.

Hotel for Full Acommodation Delegation

Hotels Partnership

In addition to the hotels listed above, the committee also collaborates with below hotels. Should the participants wish to upgrade their accommodations, the participants may choose the “Non-Accommodation” option, and then choose the preferred accommodations and pay directly using personal accounts.

However, if the participants expect to receive the Full Accommodation facilities, the participants must choose the Full Accommodation option and choose one of the provided accommodations. The committee does not provide any accommodation upgrade for Full Accommodation option.

Hotel Partners for Non Accommodation Delegation