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Applicant Information

For Bali Global MUN 2019 Candidates

Participants intending to participate should follow requirements below, before submit their application.


Participants that register as single delegates are applying for the conference in an individual manner and will represent a certain country in a council during the conference. Participants intending to participate as single delegates should meet below requirements:

  1. International Delegates who are enrolled in International Organizations/Institutions/ Companies; or
  2. College or High School Students; or
  3. University or High School Graduates (aged between 17 – 25 years old).


In regards to the participants referred to as “observers” can be described as participants that are aged older than 14 – 17 or between 25 – 60 years old. However, these participants will not be given any voice or represent a country during the conference. The participants are required to fulfill below requirements:

  1. Applicants are Aged older than 14 – 17 or between 25 – 60 years old.
  2. Applicants may apply as mentor or advisor from delegates’ school or university, or parents of delegates in order to gain access to the conference.
  3. Applicants are members of NGO or institutions that intend to learn more about MUN.
  4. Applicants younger than 17 years old may also register as an observer by submitting a letter of parents or guardian consent to

A. Facilities

  1. Observers will be eligible for receiving alike facilities with delegates, such as access to the event, accommodations, and other Conference Plus (Opening & Closing Ceremony) services.
  2. Observers are eligible for entry to all the 21 committee sessions (limited quota). Observers may also ask the Board of Secretariat and Board of Dais about the conference or Model United Nations in general.

B. Terms and Conditions

  1. Observers will not have voices during committee session and are not eligible to choose any country, but observers have access to all councils.
  2. The quota for Observers is limited only for 100 applicants. Should the quota has already been fulfilled, then the rest of the applicants will be included in the waiting list.
  3. Observers may include parents or faculty advisors of the delegates.

Group Delegation

A. List of Countries for Group Delegations

Participants who wish to contribute to the conference may also register as group delegations together with their colleagues from High School, University, or Institution. These group delegations will attend the conference as representatives of their respective institutions. The participants are required to meet below requirements:

  1. International Delegates who are enrolled in International Organizations/Institutions/Companies
  2. High School or University send their delegations from 4 – 8 students (maximum age of 25 years old)
  3. Group Delegation may choose their own council and country preference (based on availability).
  4. Only available for Full Accommodation.
  5. Should any group delegation wish to be accompanied by a Faculty Advisor, the Faculty Advisor is required to register as an observer.

  1. Group Delegations Fee and Rule

    Size Fee
    8 Delegates USD 3,030 (7 delegates + 1 head of delegation + delegations fee)
    6 Delegates USD 2,310 (5 delegates + 1 head of delegation + delegations fee)
    4 Delegates USD 1,590 (3 delegates + 1 head of delegation + delegations fee)

    Note :

    1. Each delegation must have a nominated Ambassador or Head of Delegation.
    2. Each delegate must be assigned to a specific council.
    3. To register a group delegation, please fulfill in the information about group and delegation in registration form.
    4. For changes to the delegation after an application has been submitted, head of delegation should send us an email to