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Frequently asked questions

  1. Visit this link :
  2. Complete all fields on the form with your valid & best answer.
  3. Click “Submit” button.
  4. Check your email inbox/spam/promotions folder. You will receive 2 emails about what to do next.
  5. Wait for up to 3 days for your screening result. We will send right to your same email.
  6. If you pass the screening, follow the next steps written in email and complete your payment.
  7. If you are failed, repeat the registration process with better real answers. You can apply again, don’t worry.
  8. Make sure that you always notice to emails from us, as they may go to you inbox/primary/promotion/spam folder.

We will only limit 1500 seats. After passing the screening, if you join as fixed delegate earlier, your chance to get the seat will be bigger.

The fact that this Bali Global MUN will be a life-changing event for the delegates and aims to gather and generate young future leader so it will be a fully funded for those who qualified, fundraising and of course very small amount of fee to contribute in this event.

Imagine many benefits you can get in BGMUN such as networking, self-confidence, improvement and of course your great contribution to help this world.

  • First, please visit this link for the instruction
  • Second, choose the accommodation you are going to pay (Full or Non Accommodation)
  • Third, choose the plan you are going to pay (early bird or normal payment)
  • Fourth, choose payment method (You may the payment in 2 installments payment). Then fill the payment form and click Place Order. Then click Proceed Order and choose payment method (You may use Credit Card, Internet Banking or ATM).

At first, for Indonesian delegate we are currently having partnership with some individuals that successfully get financial aid from sponsors. We are open Intensive Mentorship Fundraising Programme, but this program is not free.

You need to pay IDR 300.000,- to join this programme. Then we will guide and direct the participants to get their sponsor. You will also be given proposal for sponsorship and list of companies or institution and universities that potential. Then you can do research on every company/institution or person the list, contact them and make good communication with them. Send all of the documents they needed, define the deadline and follow up with them.

For International participant we currently still finding the reliable source and individuals who have the experience. We will inform you shortly when the program is ready for you.

Most of every big companies have arranged budget for education needs and other social activities, usually called as CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), especially in Indonesia. So don’t have to worry, it will be sponsorship allocated and usually education/college students are on the list.

Unfortunately, we will provide the invitation letter after you have fulfilled the payment and send your scan valid passport.

After you fulfill 1st payment, you will get council and country allocation in 48 hours. Every delegates should make a paper based on their Council. The topic has been set by Chair and Co-Chair. There are some rules of making paper. You will get information regarding paper in Basic Guide and Rules of Procedures through a link

Yes, that’s right. You will get your council and country allocation after you paid the payment.

We will share some recommendation for hotel and transportation in our website. As we are have made partnership with several hotel near the venue you can get special discount from their websites, for more information please check our official links here :

Regarding airport assistance, that facilities belong to Full Accommodation delegates only. We are have made partnership with on demand transportation company in Indonesia such as Grab & Gojek. You can use their service with our coupon code to get the special discount.

You can contact Personal Assistance (PA) to help you book the flight. You just need to tell him the required info to book the flight.